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canonpoint: defaults to canon-current (so, post-s4) and but as per said canon kind of just off doing her own thing.
favorite threads: flirting with everyone, teamwork and friendship, elaborate AUs, pre-AOS agent adventures
nos: kinks on the below no list, extreme violence/torture/death, dub/non-con (not just sex), exclusively negative CR, unexamined bigotry, unexamined bad romance, alignment switch/Hydra AUs.

age: defaults to early thirties.
shipping: permissions/kinks here. Bisexual, top, open to smut; favors Kara, Jemma, Daisy, Melinda, and Natasha for canon-based ships.
cultural background: white American (from a comfortably middle-class family), had conservative Christian influences but chose to opt out.
demeanor: athletic, persuasive, brilliant, adaptable, secretive, defensive,
mental health: autism (she presents very atypically, to the point that most people don't register it), PTSD.
physical health: tall, athletic, very strong, very able to beat asses, recently survived a shattered knee and gunshot wound to the lung.
aesthetic: dominatrix with a day job on her day off.
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Strictly speaking, Bobbi is MCU canon.

That being said, this writer has Done Her Research on Bobbi's comics history and has read a good chunk of it. Elements of this history may be included as is appropriate and elements of characterization, specifically from Chelsea Cain's glorious 2016 Mockingbird run, are just always going to be there because it was a gift to the world.
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Just a heads-up, if anyone is interested: Bobbi's high school/college/etc. self can now be found at [profile] for all of your aged-down adventures.
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Short version:
  • Kinsey 3 (approximately evenly bisexual) and aromantic.
  • Kinky/toppy as fuck (yes to domming the hell out of partners in most agreed-upon contexts).
  • As shipping goes: yes to Jemma, yes to Kara, yes to Isabelle, yes to Natasha, almost certainly yes to virtually any other MCU woman you can dream up, it's complicated but probably about Hunter and Clint, we can talk about other MCU film-canon guys, would entertain the possibility of Trip, almost certainly not about her other male teammates, get the fuck away Grant Ward.

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